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Over the past decade, I got to ride shotgun with mine: But on our many road trips around this great province, hosting townhall meetings on pipelines, tankers, hydropower, wild salmon and the public interest, it was me who did the driving. Rafe supplied the music — from his ipods full of jazz and old-time classics — and, of course, the stories. So many good stories. He was my kind of guy — an intelligent, entertaining firebrand with a deep sense of justice. And a voice that seemed to cut through the bullshit spewed by our politicians and CEOs. At his peak, he was the highest rated talk show host in Western Canada, with numbers that are simply unheard of today. And yet, the time came when he no longer fit the mainstream media.


The news comes as Premier Christy Clark is touting an imposed cap on rate hikes to about 17 per cent over three years, despite the utility’s request for a per-cent increase. At a press conference Wednesday the premier called the move a “common sense decision” that will still allow BC Hydro to pay off the billions in its deferred accounts. We’re finding a way to pay down the deferral accounts,” she told reporters Wednesday.

BC Hydro confirmed last week that independent power producers (IPP) are playing a role in the Crown corporation’s application to the B.C. Utilities Commission for rate increases.

With the heat of summer, I really wanted to get it dealt with quickly. I reached out three or four of the electricians with top HomeStars ratings – including several of the “Best of” companies. Neil at Nu-Phase was the only one who responded, and he booked me in promptly. He even gave the HVAC technician a call in advance so that he would have a better understanding of the problem. Neil showed up on time and got the fix done in no time. OK, so maybe most competent electricians could repair a blown circuit breaker but here were some touches that I thought put Neil into a different category: Because often whatever was done at the time of install is wrong and Neil wanted to ensure that whatever work he did would stick and not lead to the same problems.

He said that he believed his solution would deal with the problem, but that if didn’t he would be prepared to return and do whatever needs done. And of course, Neil’s solution did deal with the problem. He did that job very quickly, and again maybe most electricians could have as well. But when Neil was replacing the switch after wiring it up, he used a spirit level to ensure that the switch was going in vertically.

He wanted to ensure that the switch and the panel would look right in relation to the door frame. And even the plate screws he rotated until the screwdriver notches in the screw heads were all vertical. Was any of this strictly necessary?

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Ironically those of us with electric vehicles who may be more likely to live greener anyway, i. I’ve also been a bit worried about paying a lot more on my hydro bill at the higher Step 2 rate with additional power consumption ever since getting my Model S. Since I took delivery of my 70D at beginning of Dec , I’ve now had just over a full year of driving electric under my belt, so I thought I’d take a look at the past two years of my electric bill and do a quick comparison Step 1 rates apply for the first 1, kWh in a 2 month billing period.

Step 2 rates apply to any kWh usage above that. That would have bought me maybe a tank and a half of gas for my old V6 Audi. Meanwhile in that 1 year I drove my 70D about 14, km – although that includes a km Supercharged-road trip to CA and back, plus a handful of much shorter Supercharged road trips.

Riding with Rafe: 10 years of stories from a BC icon

Please limit your comments below to the subject matter of this post only. There is a petroleum post above this one for all petroleum and natural gas posts and a non-petroleum post below this one for comments on all other matters. First, let us define carrying capacity and overshoot. And none has done that better than Paul Chefurka. Carrying capacity is a well-known ecological term that has an obvious and fairly intuitive meaning:

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Vaughn Palmer: Hydro ‘shocker’ isn’t the first time project wires got crossed

Canadian Capitalist June 22, at If you can handle it, self-insurance is cheaper in the long run. It does seem to me that renting is at least competitive with owning in your case. Yes, I do wish I had acted on your post.

BC Hydro PowerSmart Story Idea: Marc Semail BC Hydro community rep Kathryn MacDonald drinks in the summer sun after writing about how owners of homes in B.C. equipped with solar panels can easily connect to the electrical grid and sell excess power to BC Hydro.

This article originally appeared in the Times Colonist. Those rate increases will be needed to pay off B. Meanwhile, residential ratepayers — who have been cutting back on electricity consumption in recent years — will consume less, yet pay more each month. On a standalone basis, investors would require a higher interest rate when purchasing bonds from a highly leveraged company. Hydro is also banking on future rate increases to support its current net income.

The benefit of counting money today, but actually collecting it sometime in the future, is obvious: It makes the company more profitable and avoids the blowback it would receive from current ratepayers who would experience even higher monthly bill increases than they currently see. If residential ratepayers were on the hook for moving B. But even with the ability to kick the rate-increase can down the road, B. Hydro hiked residential rates by nine per cent in and six per cent at the beginning of this year.

Monthly Carrying Costs When Buying a Home

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It was renamed in honour of John A. Likely, who was connected with the Bullion Pit Mine.

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The Pre-authorized Payment Program offers an easy and convenient way to pay your utility bill automatically through your bank account, three times a year, on your utility bill due date. You will still receive a copy of your bill in the mail for your records, but you won’t have to wait in line, write cheques or pay postage or late fees. Your bill will always be paid on time – even when you’re on vacation.

Signing up for the Pre-authorized Payment Plan is easy. Can I access my utility account information online? Access your utility account information online 24 hours a day to review billing history. Go to MyCity Online to register. If you are moving please contact utility billing for a special reading, Email Us or phone Name or address change?

In Ontario, electricity pricing is a matter of timing

Ontario hydro customers hurting badly: Energy Board Once complete, the project will provide clean, reliable electricity to approximately 10, residents of the 16 remote First Nations communities, reducing their dependence on diesel-generated electricity by up to 95 per cent. However, Global News has learned that despite months of ongoing negotiation between the province and federal government — the two main parties responsible for paying for the transmission line — no cost-sharing agreement outlining exactly how much each party will pay has yet been agreed to.

They also agreed to pay for any future costs associated with upgrading the systems.

Mike Watling of Bell 2 Lodge, which does $10 million in business a year, wonders why BC Hydro won’t make it easier for him to hook up to the Northwest Transmission Line.

The City of Calgary owns, operates and maintains the Water Utility, including the meters and water infrastructure, such as pipes and water treatment plants. The City, as owner and operator, establishes all customer water rates in Calgary, as well as the policies and procedures for administering these rates, including the policies and procedures in place for rare circumstances involving abnormally high consumption. What should I do if I get an unexpectedly high bill?

What steps does The City go through to figure out the cause of a significant spike in usage by a customer? The City will continue to have a program in place to assist in situations where customers incur abnormally high bills related to unintentional water consumption. A customer service representative will work with each customer who shares concerns about abnormal bills. If the cause cannot be found, The City moves into a more extensive investigation, which includes sending professionally-trained technicians to troubleshoot for the cause and checking the water meter is part of that process.

How can I trust that my meter is accurate?

Planning for predictable BC Hydro rates

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