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See Article History Latin American architecture, history of architecture in Mesoamerica, Central America, South America , and the Caribbean beginning after contact with the Spanish and Portuguese in and , respectively, and continuing to the present. For centuries before about , indigenous American peoples had civilizations with unique architectural traditions; for these traditions, which continue to the present day, see Native American arts. After about , these traditions often became intertwined with those of Europe and North America ; for these European and North American histories, see Western architecture. The technical and theoretical aspects of architecture are treated elsewhere; see architecture. For a thorough treatment of the often-related visual art traditions of Latin America after about , see Latin American art. The colonial period, c. Over the course of the next 30 years, Spanish explorers encountered several Native American cities as large and as complex as any in Europe. Before returning, Columbus ordered his men to build a fort—the first European building constructed in the Americas. The Santa Maria , being no longer seaworthy, was turned upside down on the beach, dragged up the coast, and recycled into a fort housing the first Spanish settlers.

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The Water Buffalo Press ” He was a mutant. A real heavyweight water buffalo type As I posted on the Henrietta Blog yesterday: They do not even sell their own products, they resell things like cell phone service and satellite tv. Much like the Fast Ferry founders and Maplestar, they receive millions in government funding and tax breaks under the guise that they will add “hundreds of jobs” only to see the C-level employees pocket the profits and split town. Ever seen the Simpsons episode where the town decides to buy the monorail?

Mark it down, 5Linx will never create that many jobs and despite what Maggie Brooks says in her photo “pat myself on the back for doing nothing” op this is not a company our area should brag about. Wouldn’t a company poised to take on a massive undertaking such as the hiring of over people at least need an HR department in place to oversee and train the employees? But let’s just say that 5Linx is legit and is as succesful as their C-levels would like us to believe, why then would they be in need of such a sizable grant from the government the second such grant they have received?

One might answer to pay for the cost of the massive facility they are building in Henrietta, however, the building of the site was announced before the grant was received. Certainly a business so succesful would understand if we used , taxpayer dollars on something like education or our economically depressed City instead of a big fancy call center in a suburb that has no trouble attracting companies.

One of 5Linx claim to fame is the issue of Inc.

Guimarães, Portugal: a cultural city guide

Olinda is all for the eyes it’s not tangible, it’s all desire. No one says, “That’s where I live. Olinda’s beautiful scenery and architecture make for a pleasant sightseeing all around. Colonial architecture, belvederes and the blue sea paint a relaxed environment that is second to none among Brazilian traditional cities.

Wednesday, April 15, Yes, This Exists Just in case you’re still struggling to figure out how to “meet new people online for casual encounters, flirting and relationships” via Facebook, or dare I say, Myspace, you’ll be pleased to learn that www. While Facebook employs the vague “poke” in order to test the waters of a possible relationship, Fuckbook goes all the way by using the endearingly creepy “wink” in order to woo possible mates.

On Fuckbook, you’ll be happy “to find other like-minded people, that share the same interests and conceivabilities of a relationship. Certainly the types without pesky real jobs where their employer could monitor their web searches. Fuckbook looks much like any other social networking site, except for its garish pink color and search parameters that will allow me to look for an Asian female between 18 to 99 years old whose fetishes include furries, voyeurism, tantric sex, and “prefer not to say” uh oh — that can’t be good.

As appetizing as Fuckbook’s groundbreaking features appear, I’m just a little worried about the clientele I’ll be winking at.

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And god if he’s not to die for!! But I don’t like how he fawns for the co-star chick. He very much surpasses her and needs to realize that. It’s the best show ever! He is so handsome and brave. I never had a crush on any star as much in my life and I hope to meet him one day! Even Diana Gabaldon firmly says he is straight! I can’t believe you wrote this crap. He is sexy and hace beautifull eres.

Leiria :. Central Portugal

Castelo de Sao Jorge Map Want to use this map on your web site? Copy and Paste the code below: In , shortly before he died, the financier offered it to the nation, and today, the museum is regarded as one of the finest repositories of 17th- and 18th-century Portuguese, French, and English applied arts in the country. The rich and ornate interior is set over four floors, and visitors are regaled with a magnificent array of artifacts arranged in situ as if the palace was still being lived in.

Furnishings decorating the Main Hall include a regal wool and silk tapestry woven in and depicting a procession of giraffes. Spread across the creaky wooden floor is a beautiful 18th-century woolen carpet from Arraiolos embroidered in burlap.

Jul 06, Anne rated it really liked it Recommended to Anne by: I was introduced to Aziz’s stand-up by my oldest son, and I’ve been hooked on him ever since. He’s hilarious, and if you haven’t seen him perform you’re missing out. Which makes me wish I’d listened to this as an audiobook Turns out, Aziz and his partner, Eric Klinenberg, did quite a bit of research for this book. Now, is So, this isn’t really a humorous book about Aziz Ansari’s dating experiences, it’s more like a book about dating in the modern world, written by the very humorous Aziz Ansari.

Now, is it the best book out there on this subject? The most detailed investigation with the most clinical data? Between the two of them, they did focus groups, had pie charts, and looked at how people dated in a few different cultures. Not a ton, but a few! Japan Tokyo, in particular was interesting! I’d heard about their lack of interest in sex, but I didn’t realize it was now such a big deal that the government was stepping in to help out.

You’d think Tokyo would be a hopping place for singles, but evidently

Qual o verdadeiro significado do cumprimento “A Paz do Senhor”, usado pelos evangélicos?

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Posted by Brick on Sep 12, in Travel and Leisure Lisbon located on the north banks of the River Tagus, a city of traditions, culture, art, architecture, and atmosphere. The beauty of Lisbon exists in its solid connects to the past. Lisbon additionally has an excellent number of beautiful museums of old and present day art, some of which are National Museum of Contemporary Art, Calouste Gulbenkian Museum, Castle of St.

However, Lisbon is remained with all culture and history, as well as hold a center of nightlife with different bars and restaurants where melancholic conventional Fado, Portuguese music can additionally be tuned in. There are a few fado houses scattered all through Lisbon where visitors can encounter this exceptional Portuguese custom. What is the nightlife like in Lisbon? Here are some of beautiful things to do in Lisbon. Take in the View Lisbon is recognized as the city of seven slopes and hills, and in light of current circumstances — once you move in an opposite direction from the waterway, your calves will be getting an exercise regardless of which course you head.

A large number of the features, including the renowned castle, are lit up after sunset, making for some awesome photograph opportunities. Simply make sure to take a light sweater or coat with you — even in the wake of burning summer days, it can get somewhat windy in Lisbon after dark. The more selective spots have strict clothing standards and entryway arrangements, with some requiring reservations early.

Similarly, as with anyplace else, plan to book well ahead of time for a most loved act — other than MEO Arena, most scenes are little, so tickets offer out quickly.

Carlos + Mayara ensaio

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